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December 29, 2007 by girl

home for christmas

I’m sorry, but Norway has changed me.

I can’t stand smoky bars and enclosed spaces, I walk home when it’s -5°C outside, I’m so sick of people constantly drinking, I need people less and need myself more.

No more entries until 2008, which will be spent home with my mom, my cat and a book (or maybe a silly movie on tv. even better, to combine literary passion with moving images addiction, would be Dante told by Benigni, but I don’t think it’s on on New Year’s Eve..)

and I swear I will be in bed by 1am.

Godt nytt år!

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December 23, 2007 by girl

live from the road

yes i have hijacked my grandmother’s landline (well actually my dad did)


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December 19, 2007 by girl

say hello and wave goodbye

things that made my day there

this book has the most amazing dedication on the front page, it makes me smile everytime

going for a walk with azzls by the lake

trond got me a present – music!

somebody in bergen knows i like dinosaurs – pandapower! <3

..and things that made my day here

a gorgeous postcard was waiting for me

best friends are forever.

a million books to look forward to<3

my cat is wonderful

someone amazing dedicated this place to me – kind of – thank you boy:)

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December 19, 2007 by girl

it’s the wrong kind of place, it’s the wrong time

last night was amazing.. the day before was too. the woods, the glitter-prone hills, the late night talks and midnight walks. everything these past few days has been magnified, everything feels larger than life, every sparkle sinks deeper into my memory, every conversation, every silly moment has become more beautiful.
all this sadness becomes more and more heartbreaking.


I just got to Vienna. with stars above my head and the city lights reflected under my eyes, I already miss the norwegian lakes, the air that makes your lungs sting, and the mountains of tangerines we ate this week…

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December 17, 2007 by girl

mach immer was dein Herz dir sagt

or something


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December 17, 2007 by icequeen

fiskekake og sjokoladekake!!!

first hours in Norway:

  • laura does not show up at the airport
  • the bus stop at Fantoft looks rather empty, as laura does not even bother picking me up from there, either
  • laura finally shows up – crippled
  • I am dragged along to some stranger’s bedroom to pick up a mattress, and obviously faint there – an amazing experience which I will never forget
  • I get fed with mouldy bread and FUCKING sweet water – diabetic style
  • I feel that there is some rather disgusting soaking wet toilet paper (hopefully not used) on my forehead
  • We then proceed to L’s room, where I am fed (again), this time with sticky rice and soy sauce – at least laura’s cooking skills are getting better by the hour

these are my first impressions of Beautiful Bergen..

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December 13, 2007 by girl

jeg er sulten:(

yes but I am too lazy to go to the supermarket to buy some food soooo…. I guess I will starve some more.

I am excited about azzls (7 hours to go), sad because I don’t want to think about all the cool people that are leaving at the end of the semester.. kind of disappointed and at the same time satisfied with myself because my workspace doesn’t look like a mess anymore.Today is a big long day of randomness (paperwork and answering emails) and the academy is really kind of empty and there’s not much to tell, really..

Other than seeing a procession of people with fake halos on their heads, singing, on the 8th floor this morning… and smelling cake

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December 12, 2007 by girl

the snow here glitters

I’m still tired and I want chocolate..
On my way home last night I remembered why I came here in the first place. It hit me on my first trip to Norway that the sky is so different, like the stars are brighter here, your vision is clearer. I’m finding it hard not to walk with my nose up in the air.. With a sky full of stars like this one, I don’t think anybody could ever misunderstand the concept of a constellation. I had a walk halfway around the lake, the surface was a thin layer of ice so smooth and amazing.

When you experience nights like that, you don’t want to see the sun again.

So, anyway, there’s half a day still to go before my semester evaluation, and I’m sitting at the academy drinking tea (not coffee, surprised, much?) doing anything but work, which is okay..I’m looking forward to an early night, proper food, and a book. or a movie.

come hug me, please :)

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December 9, 2007 by girl

it’s about time..

..I experienced my first B-Blokk fire alarm! just great.
at least I wasn’t sleeping, which is good, wouldn’t have liked to look like the 99% of student population outside (angry sleepy eyes, nighties and flip flops).
I was just annoyed because my tea got cold and I forgot to take my jacket.


so..I shall now resume my sleepless night.

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December 8, 2007 by girl


using emoticons to express emotions – rather than words – is overrated.
Then again, sometimes it works just right.


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