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November 30, 2007 by girl

London has our hearts

I decided to fly to London, partly because I knew that end of november would bring boredom, partly because I thought I couldn’t make it through my favorite month without seeing my favorite friend.

So. Sunday night is just pure enjoyment, randomness and champagne which we drank on the way to our favorite neighborhood (Brockley). I was introduced to Jonny and his bunny. (I was trying to find a way to formulate this – I just love the rhyme, don’t you?)

Monday was walking around, almost sightseeing, hanging out in a park by myself reading Miss Chopsticks by Xinran, then hiding in a bookstore for more books books books, coffee + boyspotting.

waterloo station!

trees are friends

Monday was also cool because we went to the water rats to see soko, who was wonderful, and then we flew to the barfly just on time to catch verdena before they got on stage. They were amazing, just like the last time I saw them…

Azzls is random

so am I

thank you Helen

[to be continued..]

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November 29, 2007 by girl


everyone is going crazy in this house. I am unsuccessfully trying to book a flight to vienna while getting overwhelmed and flooded by a certain someone’s msn messages, while my dearest flatmate ana is studying in the bathroom… with a chair in the shower, muttering to herself and writing up mathematical equations on the bathroom wall (proof below).

yes, the end of the semester is approaching.

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November 29, 2007 by girl

start at the beginning, and when.. get to the end, stop.

so. I had a lovely weekend – saturday I hung out with robot, we had late late breakfast (which was awesome – breakfasts are the best meal of the day) and then – after wikipedi-ing random things for hours, such as different dog races and the word “terrapin” (call me nerd but I really wanted to know what the exact difference between a terrapin, a turtle, and a tortoise is) – went into town in the late afternoon, because, well, just because. He was forced to go into the record store, I was forced to enter a clothing store, and then got into a bookstore until we were kicked out. we spontaneously decided to head towards the supermarket for food (breakfast wasn’t enough) and MADE PIZZA at the academy.
it was a wonderfulicious experience for me because, believe it or not, even though I am of pure italian breed, when it comes to pizza i am quite retarded.
we headed back home but took a little detour, which resulted in us driving aimlessly around bergen for two hours, listening to industrial music and talking about (in no particular order): mongolia, japan, girls, boys, languages, books, and music.

hurray for robotmates!

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November 29, 2007 by girl

places you have come to fear the most

grattis til Vegard og Nadia :)

Velkommen, Julian Kristoffer :)

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November 26, 2007 by girl

update from the road

I’m in London! :)

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November 23, 2007 by girl

On baking and soulmatism

wednesday afternoon: baking session with friend P. we got all our ingredients and hijacked the academy kitchen to prepare some wonderful cakes. Joan was witness to the birth of some chocolate and rahmkuchen goodness and decided to document it:

girl’s star-shaped cake

boy and girl: the disturbed series, part one.

boy and girl: the disturbed series, part two.

just for the sake of it, go here and say hello to Miss J. now.

Yesterday: group meeting got cancelled, instead I talked to my tutor about NEXT SEMESTER (I am still so incredibly hyper about being able to stay…) and then went to this killer presentation – the artist was so good, I think I fell in love with her art. ran around insanely, met Margit and Marit in the rain on my way back home, apparently made someone’s day (<3), danced around with Ana while getting ready for the SHOUT OUT LOUDS show. Her and I fell in love, sad but true.
With Sweden’s most gorgeous, good-looking and sexy man.

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November 22, 2007 by girl


I’m staying
one more semester..



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November 20, 2007 by girl

I’m back with scars to show.

A few days before the final decision that will have an impact on the next 6 months of my life, my mood is like a rollercoaster. I’ve been thinking everyday about this, and I was kind of taking for granted that my stay here would last forever – which it obviously won’t, at some point I’ll have to face vienna again.

I want to make a list of the things I haven’t seen or done yet, but it would probably be too instead I’ll write about something that has little to do with norway but a lot to do with .. everything else.

When I lived in France, there was a boy called Alex. I hated him at first, because of a certain incident that took place in our first month in that new school; in any case, it took me so long to get to know him. It actually happened in the last months before I left that town, that country. I was in that school for three full years, and only in the last june week did we sit regularly at the same desk in biology class. It was during that week that, instead of listening to the teacher, he told me about Austria and that it was going to be OKAY.  And in the end, it was. I never told him and many times I considered calling him or writing him a letter and just thanking him for doing something he didn’t know he’d done.
A few years later, it’s april.. no, may, and I’m reminiscing as always – I look back a lot, not because things were better back then, I just hate forgetting – and I think of him. I couldn’t remember his last name, and that scared me. I could remember his face, though.
I had this urge of hearing his voice – seeing how much he’d changed – getting to know the new him. I guess sometimes we feel like stars part of a constellation – we can always trace our roots back to things, people that have changed us, and if those are important enough, once in a while we tend to hover back to them, out of curiosity or pride.
I was a few months late.
He had died that summer.
Life is a strange thing.. I guess this is my very own ode to never wanting to take things, people, situations, occasions,…for granted.
please don’t.

the sidewalks are watching me think about you.

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November 17, 2007 by girl

party on B736/738

Ana and I got tired of silly people and shitty parties yesterday, so we came back to our flat, had our last beer and our very own popstar-karaoke-dance party. it was so beautifully amazing – especially since we apparently have deaf neighbours (or neighbours who enjoy listening to Paris Hilton and silly girls singing along, tapping brooms on their walls at 4am). Halfway through I had to change into a skirt because it was getting so hot, haha. We also had a disco light in the kitchen (aka Ana’s bike light) and of course, microphones (=brooms) and a cabbage which we used to emphasize our emotions when it wasn’t clear enough through all the facial mimics. When Tobi knocked on our door and came in, we offered him some vodka and yet another representation of Complicated (I think it was the third time that night…)
he managed to run away after a few minutes, strange, no?
at 3:30 am we had the bright idea of calling everyone on their landline to ask them to come over. thank god we didn’t manage to reach anyone, I’m not sure we would have gotten over the embarrassment of showing to the whole of Fantoft our karaoke talents.

our lovely disco-kitchen

It’s now 3pm and I’ve done nothing productive other than getting Ana addicted to SoKo’s song I’ll Kill Her (as I am writing she is listening to it for the _nth time)

That’s all, folks! have a nice weekend!

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November 15, 2007 by girl

some reflections

some more reflections on Bergen..

1) why are the sidewalks so narrow?
2) why is it that the only place where you can get decent coffee is 7-11? isn’t that kind of twisted?
3) why is it that whenever I have free time the weather’s so fucking rainy, and when I have to be stuck inside the whole day, the sun is shining?
4) why do norwegian products (no matter how bad they are) cost way more than imported ones?
5) conversation with the record store guy:
me [in norwegian]: do you speak english?
him [in english]: yes
me [in english]: okay so I’m looking for this ep, etc etc
him [in norwegian]: yes, well there were some problems because the ep is self-distributed, etc etc
me [in norwegian]: I know, I was already here last week.
him [in english]: ah, yes..well maybe you should come back next week..

is that an insane city I live in, or what?

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