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January 9, 2010 by girl

back up.

Hello, and Happy New Year. I’ve decided to tick things off my to-do list in 2010. So, finally, I surmounted my laziness and reinstalled WordPress and /norge on the server. Jenta i Norge is back up for everyone’s enjoyment, as an archive of adventures and, who knows – a mini-travel blog for various trips if I feel up to it!

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April 5, 2008 by girl

hello, silence

giggling and reminiscing.

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April 5, 2008 by girl

spanish weekend with a twist.

So Ana had her cousin and friends over for the weekend. Was feeling a little anti-social and not in the party mood at first – except for thursday night, when they arrived and I was so tired that I slid right into party-mode.

everybody’s dancing and Nico surprises us with his accordion skills..

On Monday, after their camping weekend, we went to Bryggen, then had lunch at Pygmalion, walked up Fløyen, acted silly, and had dinner at Nicola’s in town.

the spice girls are visiting Bergen

Elton John and John Lennon

salad face

yes – I’m a ninja.
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March 24, 2008 by girl


ah, the joy of facebook picture-tags – someone I don’t know just uploaded this. yes, I am very in love with that man. and no, I obviously don’t mind the fact that he is a trizzillion years old.

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February 27, 2008 by girl

I wanna look like a tiger

My hair has been short for a while now but almost no one has seen it.
Here’s the premiere!

I wanna look like a tiger

like this one maybe? no?

(bergen is full of weirdos)

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February 3, 2008 by girl

hello february

we love Pi because we are sexy mathematicians!

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January 29, 2008 by girl

..and the infinite sadness

arrived this morning at the bergen train station from the crazy weekend trip… stories will follow.

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January 20, 2008 by girl

photo update: landscapes and trips

I went for a lonely walk a million years ago.. gorgeous december sunset over the lake.

As you might have read here, Azzls came to visit. We baked cakes, cause that’s what we do. they were yummy and I think we are now officially very likely to get diabetes, oh well.

azzls’ wonderlicious almond+cocoa cake

the fantoft-famous chocolate explosion!

On the sunday we had dinner at the academy. it was very sexy and oh-so-fun until mattias decided he was too cool not to fall asleep at the table (let’s say he was just resting his eyes…)

shh, don’t tell anyone but her and I had previously had a nap on the very comfortable academy couches..

the most recognizable property of the newly-discovered mammal azzls randomicorus is its ability to thumb up in its sleep. a truly amazing skill.

on our last full day we went for a walk. azzls got to experience sunshine in bergen – amazing, I know.

in the sun..

pepperkakebyen.. david and I staring in awe

the last dinner at our place with robot *sigh* really cute and pseudo-japanese, sitting on the floor and blabbering on for hours.

panda and I overdosing on tangerines as usual

goodbye bergen, see you in 2008

we had very few hours of sleep but nevertheless enjoyed the bus+plane1+starbucks+plane2+car combination to get back to vienna.

that’s my rabbit face

not sleepy AT ALL!

essential travel items: postcards that have yet to be written, an iBook (yuck) to play really loud SoKo music in a diner, starbucks coffee (=wet dream), sudoku when best friend is not entertaining enough, and wine to make you feel glam.

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January 20, 2008 by girl

number wall

DIY project with Ana today – we redecorated our ‘corridor’ with the phone numbers of our closest friends… newspaper clippings are awesomely entertaining.

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January 9, 2008 by girl

Ikea trips + Zimtsterne

Why do I always decide to bake things that end up making our apartment smell like sugar, cinnamon or chocolate for the following 200 days?

So, Monday: first academy-related day. After my very laid-back weekend (to tell you the truth I don’t really know where it’s gone) getting up after 3 hours of sleep and in complete darkness was H A R D. the first part of the day was dragging itself on, when Mia started speaking my brain switched off, because her norwegian is sooo difficult to understand. The presentations after lunch were more interesting, a finnish artist from Tampere especially, and then another presentation that stretched to infinity, past the unbearable (ok, my limits were set low, I was tired)
had coffee with a new student and showed her the best thing about Bergen: the public library. then grocery shopping, reading, hanging out in my room, Diederik brought me my beloved Vega back (poor baby suffered without me), and then a surprise visit from Abdel, Pierre and Anas. we had tea and I showed them my wonderful blinking christmas lights. After the boys left I started watched Sid&Nancy, but found it too depressing. In the middle of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (not like I haven’t watched it 500 times..), Ana-flatmate showed up – hooray! we exchanged cute presents and christmas tales, went to bug Pierre in his room, and finished the film: pure love and sadness. I love it.

today was insanity at its best: Ana came with me and we somehow went astray (real aim of the expedition to town was getting bank+university stuff done), so we ended up trying out make-up in every store we could and looking for cheap clothes. I was convinced I wanted to find a wild wild dress – something golden-y and glittery. Sadly had no luck – I think I will settle for a black tulle skirt which, if I play around with pins and needles (haha) a little, might turn rawrrr enough for me to want to wear it.

In the evening we took a bus to IKEA, had ice-cream, looked for christmas lights on sale, tried to avoid Haakon who works there,… I now have a billion kgs. of leftover cloth that I got for cheap (or at least as cheap as it gets here) so I am happy. we got back around 11:30pm, had dinner, and BAKED until now. so we have mountains of cookies (obviously zimtsterne that turned into zimtherze) and peach cake. öööüüüüäääääähhh
guess whose stomach will be angry?

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