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February 2, 2008 by girl

the importance of being lonely

 Day One: Bergen->Oslo->Hamar

gorgeous snow landscape from the train window

Day Two: Elverum

from a gorgeous window, ground floor and a lot of light

Day Four: Elverum->Oslo

elverum bridge: view from the bus

on the way to Oslo

Day Five: Oslo

snow paws!

botanic garden

Vigeland Park

ducks in the background

a lonely bench

perfect winter sadness

the harbour..

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January 29, 2008 by girl

..and the infinite sadness

arrived this morning at the bergen train station from the crazy weekend trip… stories will follow.

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January 24, 2008 by girl

and again

.. yes. I’m off to Elverum in a few hours.
lovely rock’n'roll boys, Hanne’s birthday, the young and cute Julian, happiness and snow and the COLD that bites through your skin. hopefully some letter-writing, a lot of reading on the train in between the landscapes.

thank you to my lovely flatmate Ana for making me a gorgeous MATPAKKE and staying up with me, drinking our homemade wine. love from the travel world, xoxo

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July 23, 2007 by girl

sunrise, sunset

One thing I still can’t get over since I’m here (okay, it’s only been five days… but still) is the beauty of the sky at ‘night’. Night of course means that we get like 3 hours of complete darkness, resulting in me watching sunrises and sunsets more often than any of you! ha!

Flisa, 12:20AM

Flisa, twenty minutes past midnight.

Flisa, 02:21AM

Two hours later


Sunday, 4AM.

I wish I could have this kind of sky all the time

Apparently this is the kind of sky you get when the day is about to be cloudy and greyish.

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July 21, 2007 by girl

travelling, settling down

Norwegian buses have my heart.
There’s free coffee, blankets and pillows,… and travelling at night is amazing because you get to actually experience sunsets and sunrises within three hours of each other. I was taking a billion pictures from the bus, through the glass.
I got to Elverum at 4:30 AM, a bit groggy from not having really slept at all, and Uno & Eirik came to pick me up in their pimp car. I was handed a Bjørnebryg and we drove for about an hour, talking about how it felt like time hadn’t passed at all. complete happiness, really. Once I started walking up the stairs to their apartment I immediately felt at home again, scary eh?

In the afternoon Wintermare was playing at Tømmerfløtivalen. I was proudly wearing the “Vegetarians Have More Fun” t-shirt that Hanne got me..I am still staring at it in awe, it’s so cool…!

Today was a lot of random hanging out at Finnskogen.

Uno reminds me of a russian singer in this picture

We watched Someone&someone perform, which was okay but I wasn’t in the mood..Halfway through the show I started talking to Stian’s brother and after he left and the boys joined me, we played around with an air tube, resulting in silly pictures such as:

So yeah, that’s about all that has happened up until now. I keep my camera glued to my hand, so lots of pictures will follow..the landscapes and colors are just as breathtaking as always, makes me forget how much I will start missing people once I get back to Trondheim..


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