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September 1, 2007 by girl

ever wondered..

..why seagulls like statues so much?

(Trondheim, July 19th)

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August 22, 2007 by girl

Norwegian Exam

I got an A!
just got the results today.
still need to pack and clean my room before going to Bergen… tomorrow 6:45AM.

happy! :)

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August 21, 2007 by girl

norwegian postal service

I am really into mail. I love writing postcards and sending people things.
Before coming here, I did have the suspicion that the mail service wasn’t working as well as one would have thought, but that was just a theory.

About ten days after I moved to Moholt, I got a letter from Anna. So I thought, okay, everything’s working all right… I’m getting mail! most kids around here told me I was supposed to go to the post office to get registered if I wasn’t getting any, but when I mentioned I had already gotten some, it seemed like the norwegian postal service wouldn’t be a problem in my life.
Letter #2 arrives. everything fine.
About a week later, I get a notice in my mailbox about a letter for me. The notice is obviously in norwegian, but I understand from it that I’ve gotten a letter from a certain Anna from Australia (obviously the confusion between Austria and Australia is not uncommon here, either) and that I should go to the post office because I have to pay some kind of fee to receive it. Strange, but okay..
I get to the post office and, lucky me, I get the most unhelpful guy, ever.
I start off in norwegian, because I’m nice like that, but then he realises that I’m foreign so he replies in english. I show him the letter and tell him I don’t understand it all, he translates for me looking pissed off and annoyed; apparently my letter is stuck in Oslo at the customs and I have to fill out the paper with my name, phone number, date of birth and sign it, and he will send it back; when I leave the country I’ll have to pay some kind of tax to ‘export’ my letter. right, whatever.
While I’m at it I think of asking him about whether I should fill out the form about me having changed address. the conversation goes a little like this:

Me: Oh.. and also, should I fill out that form about the change of address?
Rude Guy: It’s up to you.
Me: But is it going to make a difference at all? Will I not be getting mail if I don’t fill it out?
Rude Guy: Yeah. Maybe. Maybe it will.
Me: ok so I probably should I guess. [smile]
Rude Guy: yes. [no smile]
Me: can I get the form please?
Rude guy just stares at me blankly for like 3 minutes before turning his chair around so I can have the stupid form.

This is obviously not over. because after all that hassle at the Post Office, Anna got her letter back, with a sticker on it saying “does that live at that address”.

Tusen takk, Norge! :(

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August 19, 2007 by girl

post-exam, day 1

Vanilla coffee in the morning with georgia, I really took advantage of the fact that I had nowhere to be today.. no people to meet, no places to go. No waking up at 7:30am, no rushing to the usual morning meeting place headphones around my neck, with an apple in one hand and my house keys in the other.

I made vegetable soup for lunch, fumbled around with my htaccess file and installed a perfectly useless calendar plugin on this site. Listened to music, continued reading Zadie Smith’s On Beauty, and made the big decision of flying to Bergen on thursday rather than leaving in a rush at the beginning of the week, taking two trains, 14 hours of travelling for just about the same price. I do enjoy trains and buses, a lot, and I actually love having to sit in a bus for like 8 hours, with nothing to think of and no one to have to talk to. But next week is going to be stressful enough…
There’s a party at basement 19 tonight. still undecided on whether I should go or not… my conscience is telling me not to – replying to emails, late night reading and going to bed early sounds more tempting than beer and loud people, no?

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August 17, 2007 by girl


I dag var den siste dagen i skolen og pÃ¥ norskkurs.. Vi har norsk eksamen vÃ¥r i morgen (jeg mÃ¥ lese og lære nÃ¥!), og neste uke skal jeg gÃ¥ til Bergen… Jeg har møtt menge hyggelige mennesker her, det var sÃ¥ god. Det blir trist nÃ¥r jeg skal gÃ¥..og alle andre skal bli her!
Men jeg synes at jeg skal treffe mer studenter der i Bergen.. Spennende..!

Hilsen fra her,

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August 16, 2007 by girl

Fjord trip

this was two or so weeks ago.. before Søvassli..Vilma, Ruta, Philipp, Vilma’s friend (I always forget her name) and I drove to a place close to Orkanger, by the coast.

on our way there, it was raining

quiet after the storm

after two hours of driving, we got there. we threw ourselves outside of the car and I stood and smelled the sea breeze and ran through grass patches towards the shore, a small beach with flat, smooth, small rocks. The sun was so white and blinding, the light so strange and cold.


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August 14, 2007 by girl

mail, 01

so I got back this morning from the crazy Elverum-Karlstad-Stockholm trip, and I feel like I have a lot a lot a lot to write, about how good the Pumpkins were and all, but first I am going to get some sleep and post a gorgeous picture of something I got in the mail today…

mixtape, pictures, dinosaurs, stars, hearts and broken records.. thank you [you know how lovely you are].. these kind of things make me really really really really really happy :)

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August 6, 2007 by girl

alarm clocks

okay so, why do I manage to have the weirdest sleep pattern here? Only managed to fall asleep at around 6am. obviously turned off my alarm clock (I must’ve done, even though I don’t remember doing it) and woke up at 9:15am, so I was late for class. SÃ¥ bra!


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July 30, 2007 by girl


came across a curious wrecked house downtown, close to the harbor… On my way to the bus station last friday.

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July 27, 2007 by girl


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