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April 5, 2008 by girl

spanish weekend with a twist.

So Ana had her cousin and friends over for the weekend. Was feeling a little anti-social and not in the party mood at first – except for thursday night, when they arrived and I was so tired that I slid right into party-mode.

everybody’s dancing and Nico surprises us with his accordion skills..

On Monday, after their camping weekend, we went to Bryggen, then had lunch at Pygmalion, walked up Fløyen, acted silly, and had dinner at Nicola’s in town.

the spice girls are visiting Bergen

Elton John and John Lennon

salad face

yes – I’m a ninja.
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March 16, 2008 by girl

Finse, 02 (day by day)

Sunday, day one:
after almost missing my train (I arrived at the station exactly seven minutes before my train left) and the raised eyebrows of the couple sitting with me in the train after I accidentally dropped the milk container into my cup of coffee, I got to Finse. Getting off the train I felt a little confused, because all there was around was the platform and a hotel. a few little houses scattered here and there but nothing else. I heard two girls speaking english and recognised one of them, carrie, because I’d checked out her website the previous day. Anyway, turns out that both carrie and laura were going to be in the snow sculpture workshop; we were given the key to the steinboliger – our home sweet home for the week – and dropped off our bags into our rooms. I, of course, picked the crazy room with the broken lock, no drawers, but a nice view on the frozen, snowy lake…

I lived at number five :)

we had to wait for everybody to arrive, and it was already 6pm with dinner scheduled at 9, so we bummed around the hotel lobby (where our base/hangout would be for the rest of the week) sort of getting to know each other.

Monday morning started off at 7:30am, with breakfast at 8, a little discussion about our expectations for the workshop after that, and then we got our skis (yes, the only way to move from one place to the other was to ski..) and went for a ‘walk’ around the area.


By tuesday, I’d already decided that I was going to build an igloo!

work in progress


the igloo lit from the inside..

pretty dinosaur

dino head. I want to hug him!

candle holders in the snow.

[to be continued..]

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March 6, 2008 by girl

spatial practices, collages and squats

this is going to be a long one.
I am currently sitting in the library, it’s quiet and it’s empty and it feels like a stormy day because the world started whispering.. This week started off with another Brandon LaBelle workshop (well, the continuation of the last one) where we have to do a work based on people. I was thinking of basing mine on the guy who works at Apollon, and to develop that further into a work about language/people speaking different languages/having to adapt, etc.. until I passed by Jonsvollsgaten and saw the anarchist flag. It’s a flag that’s sitting on top of the roof of a house that’s among other houses that are so close together, once you are walking around in the block it’s impossible to figure out which roof is which and where the flag is. Earlier last semester, rudi and I tried to find out where the flag was, with no success. So after school on tuesday I went to knock on some neighbour’s house asking about the flag. A girl was really nice and told me to go to number 6, I rang the doorbell and a very nice guy opened the door, S.
Turns out he put the flag on his roof to protest against the Jonsvollskvartalet houses being torn down, he was also squatting there and he told me the history of the Jonsvollskvartalet squat. we sat around drinking coffee among mandolins and he was so helpful, got me a lot of material, magazines, newspaper articles..
We met in town yesterday (he copied me the dvd of the small documentation they did about the squat.. with Erlend playing the guitar randomly at some concert, of course..) and had a lot of fun so this is turning out like it will be a great great project… and obviously now I have a friend for life and a lot of connections into the anarchist Bergen scene, haha.
Parallel to the spatial practice, I’m in a collage course with Dag. it’s now the second week, so I am doing some class-hopping, as well as working on my very secret sculpture… and in two days I am off to Finse, to beautifully freeze my ass off in a beautiful setting in the middle of nowhere… obviously making art. ICE SCULPTURE for realz. Kind of looking forward to it, at the same time this means I will be spending a lot of money that should probably be spent on rent instead.. or on my Oslo train ticket (going there for Easter… AGAIN)

and now I’m off to go see what Ricardo has made for dinner (projects involving MUSIC and FOOD are the best ones.. ever).
I’m curious.

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November 30, 2007 by girl

London has our hearts

I decided to fly to London, partly because I knew that end of november would bring boredom, partly because I thought I couldn’t make it through my favorite month without seeing my favorite friend.

So. Sunday night is just pure enjoyment, randomness and champagne which we drank on the way to our favorite neighborhood (Brockley). I was introduced to Jonny and his bunny. (I was trying to find a way to formulate this – I just love the rhyme, don’t you?)

Monday was walking around, almost sightseeing, hanging out in a park by myself reading Miss Chopsticks by Xinran, then hiding in a bookstore for more books books books, coffee + boyspotting.

waterloo station!

trees are friends

Monday was also cool because we went to the water rats to see soko, who was wonderful, and then we flew to the barfly just on time to catch verdena before they got on stage. They were amazing, just like the last time I saw them…

Azzls is random

so am I

thank you Helen

[to be continued..]

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November 29, 2007 by girl

places you have come to fear the most

grattis til Vegard og Nadia :)

Velkommen, Julian Kristoffer :)

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November 9, 2007 by girl

more snow, dinners and workshops.

here is a little review of what has happened in the past weeks – starting with the most important news: our mural is growing daily, making Ana and I happier and happier to have breakfast in our amazingly big and light kitchen.

we are hoping to have it finished by the end of the semester…

The other day I also FINALLY managed to talked to my dear C, who is too much of a busy man to pick up his phone. he rambled for five hours about veganism and hardxcore-ism and about how stupid and ignorant and boring the people he meets at the gym are, and then he yelled a thousand times that he doesn’t like snow and really sounded like a stubborn kid. I can’t help thinking he’s probably the only person in the WORLD who doesn’t enjoy snø :( It was an entertaining conversation AND I found out that his sister lived at FANTOFT this summer – isn’t it the coolest thing ever?

Speaking of fantoft, David came over last night, we invited him for dinner. Ana made her amazing tortilla and I just cooked some vegetable rice.

I told him about my obsession with Minnesota and Nebraska, which no one seems to understand – especially not Americans. oh well.. we hung out pretty much the whole evening, talking about accents, minnesota, art, synaesthesia, crazy Pi-obsessed geniuses, and physics. it was nice.

the weather’s going crazy around here. yesterday was the Great Flood, and today there’s a snow storm..

rainbow: day one

rainbow: day two

the platforms were actually evacuated because of the storm…

we got really, really excited.
When Gabriel and I went for a cigarette on the big roof terrace, we met HÃ¥kon and, after doing a little froggy dance (which, en passant, enabled me to spill coffee all over my freshly-washed grey sweater…), Gabriel built a midget snowman (it looked more like a fat lady with big big boobs.. but nevermind). it was cool.

On my way home from university, the storm was hitting it up, hardcore. It took pictures when I got off the bus, it was totally beautiful and made me very very happy.

I’m really hoping the snow will stay until tomorrow. Then we can go out in the morning and play in it.

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October 5, 2007 by girl

last nite (she said, oh baby I feel so down)

I went to see Kings of Convenience at Hulen (there’s a review and a few photos here) and I got my picture taken with the guy who accompanied them on the bass, not because I am a celebrity person, but simply because he was making the funniest faces in the world so Essie and I laughed the whole gig through.

he looks like a psycho!

on our way back we saw the cutest hedgehog in the WORLD. at first the girls thought it was a rat, until I said,
wait, it’s a little too slow to be a rat

I rushed towards it to take a picture and I wanted to take it home SO bad.

why doesn’t everyone look like a hedgehog? the world would be a better place

oh and here’s a picture of my first ever club stamp in Norway.

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September 18, 2007 by girl

too many people, too little time..

there’s a lot of people around at the moment, school has started and is good – guest lecturers from scandinavia and the united states, tutorials, my computer has been fixed (I need to make muffins for the technicians who fixed it and made it sound all pretty. now I have a norwegian keyboard though, it’s funny).
the sun is shining, I miss messengerbird..
the seagulls are quieter than in Trondheim, but bigger.
Yesterday I saw a man getting his hat blown away by the wind…

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August 25, 2007 by girl

Bergen – day 01, day 02

I arrived at the Bergen airport at 7:50am thursday morning – after rushing to the gate, missing my flight by like a second (thanks to the security which was pretty tight for internal flights – I believe norwegian airport security guards have never seen an external hard drive before…) Of course, my backpack was the biggest of all the luggage on the conveyor belt. I could have sworn I saw people laughing when I managed to lift up my 25kgs to put them on my back, while at the same time balancing two camera bags on either side of my hips, a rucksack in the front and a small sport bag (mostly full of books, yay..) wherever was most convenient. When I got out of the airport bus at Fantoft, I thought I was going to die – the stop was by a highway in the middle of nowhere. I followed people who looked like students.
Fantoft is obviously on a hill – who would have thought!
It took a long time to register at the reception. On my way out I met Johannes – the only person I know in Bergen – who helped me to carry my 50kgs of luggage to the 7th floor of an amazingly ugly greyish concrete building, so I could barge in on my flatmate (Ana, from Spain) and her friend Sara. I had breakfast with them and things were a little slow the whole day.. the sun was shining, I hung around outside a bit, read a book, unpacked, settled in.
Day two – my first experience of the city centre… my headphones on my ears, walking around aimlessly until 10am, when the first informal meeting at KHiB took place. What can I say – the building for Fine Arts looks amazing, it has a kitchen and a terrace with view on the sea..

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July 26, 2007 by girl

basement parties

Monday was our first day at the NTNU. As a result of this, there was a big party in one of the basements at the halls to celebrate the fact that we are now more or less officially ‘norwegian’ students.
It goes without saying that at the end of the night, we just HAD to take pictures. They’re crappy pictures (webcam ones) but the most important things – happiness, tipsiness, and Ruta’s necklace on Dennis’ head – are still visible.

I like Ruta’s lamp. A lot.

I like it so much that I decided to make myself a hat out of it.

Dennis ain’t into lamps, but he likes my hair. He also likes to pretend he’s a king

And, who would have thought? – everybody likes this boy

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