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March 16, 2008 by girl

Finse, 02 (day by day)

Sunday, day one:
after almost missing my train (I arrived at the station exactly seven minutes before my train left) and the raised eyebrows of the couple sitting with me in the train after I accidentally dropped the milk container into my cup of coffee, I got to Finse. Getting off the train I felt a little confused, because all there was around was the platform and a hotel. a few little houses scattered here and there but nothing else. I heard two girls speaking english and recognised one of them, carrie, because I’d checked out her website the previous day. Anyway, turns out that both carrie and laura were going to be in the snow sculpture workshop; we were given the key to the steinboliger – our home sweet home for the week – and dropped off our bags into our rooms. I, of course, picked the crazy room with the broken lock, no drawers, but a nice view on the frozen, snowy lake…

I lived at number five :)

we had to wait for everybody to arrive, and it was already 6pm with dinner scheduled at 9, so we bummed around the hotel lobby (where our base/hangout would be for the rest of the week) sort of getting to know each other.

Monday morning started off at 7:30am, with breakfast at 8, a little discussion about our expectations for the workshop after that, and then we got our skis (yes, the only way to move from one place to the other was to ski..) and went for a ‘walk’ around the area.


By tuesday, I’d already decided that I was going to build an igloo!

work in progress


the igloo lit from the inside..

pretty dinosaur

dino head. I want to hug him!

candle holders in the snow.

[to be continued..]

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March 15, 2008 by girl

Finse, 01

back from Finse. still tired, my muscles are aching, sad to be back in Bergen a little, because I miss the snow. I’m not a concrete girl (haha) and I met some wonderfully lovely people there. Here it’s grey, I’m back in my Fantoft box, I’m broke and the trains I wanted to take to Oslo are mostly full and I can’t pay 1100nok for a train ride to one of the ugliest cities in Norway, so that means I won’t be seeing the boys for Easter, which is ugly, because I was really looking forward to going to the Wintermare show and hugging everyone.

I want to hibernate until the sun comes..

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February 28, 2008 by girl

Oslo, once again

My wonderful trip to Oslo included:
hanging around town with my huge backpack and almost no sleep on the first day
a 15-hour shift at By:Larm
wonderful dinner cooked by Tyge and yours truly
lots of margitlove
Munch museum
kind of looking for Munch’s grave but then being too tired and hanging out on a bench at the cemetery instead
eating cold fried tofu rice outside some library
meeting too many spanish people
lots of gigs
FREE BEER on my last night at Mono

this is not a junkie

this is not a junkie sitting next to a girl who can’t smile and looks retarded on pictures

I almost slipped on the ice and fell on my ass to take this picture

Oslo is ugly, but it’s cool to hang out. I love the area around BlÃ¥, it reminds me of Camden Town, in a good way.

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February 2, 2008 by girl

the importance of being lonely

 Day One: Bergen->Oslo->Hamar

gorgeous snow landscape from the train window

Day Two: Elverum

from a gorgeous window, ground floor and a lot of light

Day Four: Elverum->Oslo

elverum bridge: view from the bus

on the way to Oslo

Day Five: Oslo

snow paws!

botanic garden

Vigeland Park

ducks in the background

a lonely bench

perfect winter sadness

the harbour..

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January 29, 2008 by girl

..and the infinite sadness

arrived this morning at the bergen train station from the crazy weekend trip… stories will follow.

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January 24, 2008 by girl

and again

.. yes. I’m off to Elverum in a few hours.
lovely rock’n'roll boys, Hanne’s birthday, the young and cute Julian, happiness and snow and the COLD that bites through your skin. hopefully some letter-writing, a lot of reading on the train in between the landscapes.

thank you to my lovely flatmate Ana for making me a gorgeous MATPAKKE and staying up with me, drinking our homemade wine. love from the travel world, xoxo

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January 20, 2008 by girl

photo update: landscapes and trips

I went for a lonely walk a million years ago.. gorgeous december sunset over the lake.

As you might have read here, Azzls came to visit. We baked cakes, cause that’s what we do. they were yummy and I think we are now officially very likely to get diabetes, oh well.

azzls’ wonderlicious almond+cocoa cake

the fantoft-famous chocolate explosion!

On the sunday we had dinner at the academy. it was very sexy and oh-so-fun until mattias decided he was too cool not to fall asleep at the table (let’s say he was just resting his eyes…)

shh, don’t tell anyone but her and I had previously had a nap on the very comfortable academy couches..

the most recognizable property of the newly-discovered mammal azzls randomicorus is its ability to thumb up in its sleep. a truly amazing skill.

on our last full day we went for a walk. azzls got to experience sunshine in bergen – amazing, I know.

in the sun..

pepperkakebyen.. david and I staring in awe

the last dinner at our place with robot *sigh* really cute and pseudo-japanese, sitting on the floor and blabbering on for hours.

panda and I overdosing on tangerines as usual

goodbye bergen, see you in 2008

we had very few hours of sleep but nevertheless enjoyed the bus+plane1+starbucks+plane2+car combination to get back to vienna.

that’s my rabbit face

not sleepy AT ALL!

essential travel items: postcards that have yet to be written, an iBook (yuck) to play really loud SoKo music in a diner, starbucks coffee (=wet dream), sudoku when best friend is not entertaining enough, and wine to make you feel glam.

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January 6, 2008 by girl

post-new year’s blues

The journey from home to home was an adventure, but I am now here with 15 extra kgs of very superfluous stuff, such as traditional italian christmas cake (panettone + pandoro), my favorite type of torrone (Nurzia), some random chocolates, fluffy cloth for my book covers.. green tea – as if it was impossible to find here – but at least I cut down on the books.

Which was a good idea, because the second I got through the door, I found some choice literature waiting for me (first in the form of a note in the elevator from Stefan and Matze, then two notes from them on our Wall of Fame, followed by a note for me byAna, and my Jonathan Safran Foer book, as well as a copy of The Great Gatsby which, I have to admit, I have not yet read… and, surprises of all surprises, a little package – thank you panda – containing Dave Eggers’ How we are Hungry, which I cannot wait to start)
Santa Claus also brought me a purple disco ball that will have to be hung in the kitchen sooner or later.

I was restless when I got home, so I unpacked my 256kgs of useless luggage… and hung two chains of christmas lights in my room and I am very proud to say that it looks gorgeous – pictures will be taken soon.

and to quote MCR.. “So long and goodbye”

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December 19, 2007 by girl

it’s the wrong kind of place, it’s the wrong time

last night was amazing.. the day before was too. the woods, the glitter-prone hills, the late night talks and midnight walks. everything these past few days has been magnified, everything feels larger than life, every sparkle sinks deeper into my memory, every conversation, every silly moment has become more beautiful.
all this sadness becomes more and more heartbreaking.


I just got to Vienna. with stars above my head and the city lights reflected under my eyes, I already miss the norwegian lakes, the air that makes your lungs sting, and the mountains of tangerines we ate this week…

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December 17, 2007 by icequeen

fiskekake og sjokoladekake!!!

first hours in Norway:

  • laura does not show up at the airport
  • the bus stop at Fantoft looks rather empty, as laura does not even bother picking me up from there, either
  • laura finally shows up – crippled
  • I am dragged along to some stranger’s bedroom to pick up a mattress, and obviously faint there – an amazing experience which I will never forget
  • I get fed with mouldy bread and FUCKING sweet water – diabetic style
  • I feel that there is some rather disgusting soaking wet toilet paper (hopefully not used) on my forehead
  • We then proceed to L’s room, where I am fed (again), this time with sticky rice and soy sauce – at least laura’s cooking skills are getting better by the hour

these are my first impressions of Beautiful Bergen..

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