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Laundromatic Shows

The lovely Luke Leighfield never really needed an introduction on this blog as I’ve been familiar with his music for almost three years now. With the release of his new album behind him, he has started a small tour taking him through some of mainland Europe, including Austria. So tonight is the night! He is […]

Music for Laundromats

Or, dryers sound better than a drum machine, and here’s why: last night was the official Robi Faustmann single release party. I surprisingly managed to drag myself to the ‘venue’ where it was taking place (a laundromat. yes, a LAUNDROMAT!); Christmas decorations were still hanging in the window display, plaster letters were scattered on the […]

Neuer Wind: Single Release Party.

This song was released, along with the video, last week. To celebrate, there’s going to be a little party tonight in a laundromat, (because venues and bars are totally 2010). Here’s a poster made by the very lovely Sarah; be there or be rectangular!

It floats!

In the creative business, a lot of time and energy are spent on trial and error. No matter how much you plan for a shoot, how many sketches you draw for a sculpture, there is always often something which will not have been considered, a variable that will make things go slightly wrong. For this […]