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Video of the Week #32

As I’ve already talked about at least once, I was on a shoot two months ago; there was a floating bed and some insane running action on Stephansplatz (Vienna’s main square, for the outsiders..) Apart from the actual video footage, there is also a lot of documentation material, hours and hours of laughter, silly dances, […]

lovesongs and summer fun

I JUST got back from a little meeting at Lisa’s, where we took a look at the Robi Faustmann Band video-shoot photos I made, drank coffee, and chain-smoked. The raw video is done and it’s bloody gorgeous; everyone will love it. In the meanwhile, here’s a sweet video of them from last summer, looking absolutely […]

Ich warte nicht mehr lang.

How do you use your time wonderfully effectively? Forget about bank holidays and spontaneously head to a music video shoot to help out, document, and most importantly freeze your ass off in the Viennese Summer Weather (rain, cold, wind) on a construction site. So a couple of days ago, I was there on location while […]