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Riots: video

The gorgeous and quiet Uno Møller has recently released his new album Silent Riots, which you can get a hold of on Amazon (among other places). He was on tour with partners in crime Team Me in the last month, doing shows in New York City, at SXSW and at various other locations scattered across […]

Life is fragile, today.

“We are reminded that life is fragile today.” A couple of days ago, the news some of us were already sadly waiting for came. And though they were expected, it didn’t hurt any less. It’s so easy to forget that the ones we love most, the ones we take for granted, will not be here […]

have you got anything at all?

A couple of days ago, Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders have released a split EP in which they cover each other’s songs. Jose had already collaborated with Luke on the beautiful New Season single and on the Bon Iver cover of Blindsided and clearly they’re a winning combination; what caught my ear first was how […]

defeat statistics

Everything around us is quiet, except for some occasional snoring. I’m sitting on the kitchen floor in boxer shorts, my back resting against the counter; he sits facing me on his inflatable mattress, both of us with boiling hot tea mugs in our hands. It feels like the rest of the world has gone to […]