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the fundamentals of (having problems writing) poetry

The first paragraph of this will be of me rambling about my Attention Deficit Disorder, carelessness when it comes to finishing started tasks, and my overall lack of competence in organising myself. Yes, I get distracted easily. No, I cannot sit still through a whole movie (usually/often). So when I am tackled with a task […]

Of Parachutes and Hurricanes

It’s unbelievable to think that summer is almost over. I’ve been dreading this and especially having to go back to my uni, where I’m starting to feel very disconnected, confused and lost. Wondering if that is in fact what I really want to do: constantly having to struggle with non-constructive criticism from apathetic conceptual artists […]

Not a diary

I had my creative writing class yesterday afternoon. It was good to let go of some things in there. This week’s task was to pick an object that was special to us, and describe it to our partner while s/he was taking notes. That person would then make a short piece with the material collected. […]