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Video of the Week #59

I really, really used to like Bright Eyes. No, I used to love Bright Eyes. They shaped part of my teenagerhood and were there to relieve most of my heartbreaks; they also played a big part in self-introspection, even though they hardly ever gave me hope. One of the songs that did, though, is Bowl […]

On keys to open secret doors, and other teenagerhood nonsense

I clearly remember downing a plastic bottle full of gin and tonic in the bitter cold of Austria’s winter. Feet in the snow, dirty jeans, more probably than not a band t-shirt, an overcast sky. We giggled, faces hidden by the water vapour coming out of our mouths. My hands felt raw and numb. Our […]

Here’s to you and your Shell Games

I might have thought that this song was too catchy when it came out and that Bright Eyes has definitely changed, for the best or for the worst (I’m not quite sure yet). But I do enjoy the kangaroo in the video, the cuteness of that girl as well as (and that’s my heart taking […]

Singing Men in the Common Cold

“This is a song about meaningless sex”, says Cory Branan to introduce one of his songs. The crowd chuckles as if it was a joke, and I suppose in a way it is, but then a sad song comes along, leaving everyone astounded and self-reflecting. It’s a pretty cold October night and though winter’s waiting […]