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Videos of the day: Live from Austin, Texas

Well, not quite. I wasn’t cool enough to be there, but these kids were. Here’s a couple of video by/with some lovely musicians. (Ghost Ghost get bonus points for the amazing sunglasses. I want them!)

Singing Men in the Common Cold

“This is a song about meaningless sex”, says Cory Branan to introduce one of his songs. The crowd chuckles as if it was a joke, and I suppose in a way it is, but then a sad song comes along, leaving everyone astounded and self-reflecting. It’s a pretty cold October night and though winter’s waiting […]

happy news on sleepy sundays

What an awkward thing to be sleeping in on weekends and forgetting that there is a world out there full of movie screenings (the Viennale has opened its gates once again), of concerts to be seen (Austin Lucas plays tonight and I can’t wait to see him again, I might actually cry), of celebrations and […]

Life is full of dead ends

One day, a long long time ago, I learned the hard way that there’s a reason for everything. We might not see it yet, but the further away we are from an experience that has marked us, the better we can see in what way it helps us to go on. In this song, Austin […]