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You are in love with me

I sure wish summer was right around the corner; but since we’ve got a fair amount of months to go before we can really see the sun again, all that can be done is filling my ears with Shannon Whitworth‘s new track You Are In Love and pretend I’m somewhere far. The Northern Carolina native, […]

Singing Men in the Common Cold

“This is a song about meaningless sex”, says Cory Branan to introduce one of his songs. The crowd chuckles as if it was a joke, and I suppose in a way it is, but then a sad song comes along, leaving everyone astounded and self-reflecting. It’s a pretty cold October night and though winter’s waiting […]

Austin Lucas/Mike Hale/Josh Small @ Tüwi

There is something great about shows at tüwi. I think it’s the atmosphere, maybe. I often tend to be too lazy to head in that direction, making me miss out on a lot of good shows. On friday though, I was motivated enough to go see Austin Lucas play. I got back from work, grabbed […]