Trick or Treat: Halloween vinyl giveaway

A couple of months ago, I wrote a love-gushing, fangirl-like review on Cemeteries‘ beautiful album The Wilderness, which unsuspectingly became one of my very favorite releases of the year because of its eerie atmosphere, heavy with musical influences between shoegaze and 80′s new wave. Prior to yesterday’s album release on Sacramento-based Lefse Records, the following video for Summer Smoke – a somewhat puzzling, somewhat touching story on the encounter between a girl and a ghost – was unleashed on the internet.

Since Halloween time is nearing, I thought it could be fitting to do a bit of virtual “trick or treating”, which is why I’ve got one vinyl copy of CemeteriesThe Wilderness to give away to one lucky reader who’ll comment below or email me with a Halloween-related memory. It could be something you remember from your childhood or a Michelle-Williams-in-H2O-trauma – I want them all. Deadline is November 1st, midday (UTC +1): You have one week to get creative!


  • Luke Cowan wrote:

    …since nobody seems to have commented, could i have a go?

  • dear Luke, I’ve already gotten in touch with the label about the winner – sorry! better luck next time maybe. make sure to follow me on twitter & check the blog regularly for more giveaways, and have a lovely week :)

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