Orivesi: first impressions

Second day in Finland. I guess I am still alive, though today was so intense – and truly so intense – that I did not have a second to myself until now since I boarded the plane in Vienna on Monday morning. After a short break at the Helsinki train station and a couple of hours on a (thankfully direct) train to Orivesi, we arrived to a village about the size of Norway’s Flisa: one main street, a couple of shops, and no people on the street to acknowledge the fact we had not landed in a ghost town. Our rooms are situated right on the campus, which makes moving around and socializing (and last but not least, coming to the workshops somewhat on time) much easier than it was in Madrid. The atmosphere, however, is different, and heavy, and difficult to describe. Maybe because the sky was constantly grey, maybe because we weren’t surrounded by the Spanish lifestyle but by the subtle Finnish population; or maybe because we knew that this workshop would bring closure to this 6-month-project we have all been a part of. Our National Group (as they call them here) has lost one member (G, who had to work) and was replaced by L, who in a way brought ‘fresh air’ to us as a group as he is open and lively. Indeed, the mood has been very different and I’m eager to see how we will proceed from here.

Right now, all I need is some rest (it’s 2am and we have an intense day tomorrow), but once all information is processed and I get some more time to myself, I shall write about poetry exercises, grilling near a pond, panda chocolate, and the like.

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