This week’s task was a simple but difficult one: to turn over a stone, day after day, and make notes which would serve as the basis for a poem. I’m not yet done and shall not reveal anything, however in the meanwhile, I had to go back to some poetry (not necessarily as inspiration, but just as background research maybe) and particularly that of Yayoi Kusama, especially the following poem, which is beautiful for its imagery and which I’ve already used as background for one of my installation works (in 2003 at a show in Salzburg).



To me, part of the poem is about identity: a topic Kusama struggles with in her poetry as well as her art. Some of her poems tend to be harsh and loud as opposed to soft and soothing; given her history, that is one thing you could take for granted. I find, however, that Lost is particularly beautiful because it reflects on the nature of man as well as putting our society into (time) context, making us relate to other beings which were there before us. The figure of the beggar is absurd in some way but also self-explanatory, and the seemingly random spacing in the typography (again, a recurrent thing in Kusama’s works) gives it some sort of interesting architecture.


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