Metropolis is an Animal Kingdom

So Animal Kingdom (who I’ve been raving about since before Winterwell because I got really obsessed with them and who you should follow on twitter) are offering one song that didn’t make it on their album Signs and Wonders for free download. It’s nice, cause I’m a little bit in love with them.

♫ Animal Kingdom: Metropolis


  • cdsearcher wrote:


    Is there ANYWAY you could email me the Animal Kingdom song METROPOLIS? I absolutely LOVE this badn! Have you heard the new album? It’s fantastic! The link above is dead and I can’t find this song anywhere.
    Thank you!!!! :-) cdserahcer

  • I’m sorry, but it appears that the link has been removed and sadly I can’t send that song to you, however you could try getting in touch with the band and ask nicely whether the song is still up for download somewhere, as it is an outtake. I hope that works out! sorry!

  • Where can I find this song?! I’ve been looking everywhere for “Metropolis” and I have had no luck. I messaged the band, but never got a response. Please, if anyone knows where I can find “Metropolis” by Animal Kingdom, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

  • if you are looking for the song metropolis by animal kingdom then shoot me an email. I was able to get it before they removed it and im always happy to share amazing music.

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