All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun

I’ve written love notes to Jeff Buckley in here before, but I feel like on the day that would mark his 43rd Birthday (and a few days give or take, the 10th anniversary of our ‘encounter’) it’s more than justified to remember him and give myself a few minutes to reflect on how much this musician has influenced me and my life.

Jeff Buckley shrinePart of my Jeff Buckley collection. ops

See, if I’d been just a little older, I probably would have begged my parents to fly me to someplace to see him. Most probably I would have ended up in Paris, stranded among other fans, witnessing him charm the audience with his broken french. I would have laughed, unknowing of what was to come just a few years later. I’ve been to masses of gigs, and lots of those were good. A bunch were even amazing. And a few of them were unbelievable. But there will never be anything like a Jeff Buckley concert. He is to me what Robert Plant or Jimi Hendrix were to others. Or, as he said it so well once at the Sin-É: “Nusrat, he’s my Elvis”.
Jeff, you’ll always be my Elvis. Happy Birthday.

Jeff is that kind of person who becomes a benchmark of ‘He is the next Jeff Buckley.’ And that doesn’t happen to too many musicians, really. You are either who you are or you’re the next version of the last guy. He’ll always be the last guy. He’ll always be the guy where there are no other comparisons.
- Chris Cornell

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  • Jeff was amazing…sometimes i start thinking that he was an angel.
    Jeff is my elvis too and he influenced me a lot and i always dreamed about standing there just to see him passing by.
    I shall join you soon:
    memories thrown in the ocean
    While you stand on the pier
    Just don’t throw them, oh wait
    I’m still standing here

    Heaven and wide mighty land
    Is what we are looking for
    On the pier we will stand
    We will watch the sun blur

    Will I drown in the river
    Will I die like you again
    I’m lonely and forlorn
    You were my only friend

    And now you are gone
    Without a warning you left
    I’m beaten in this storm
    Without a shelter to rest

    I shall join you soon
    I will no doubt
    A starless night without a moon
    Just darkness no light
    I’m grieving in my lonely room,
    Conjuring your sight.
    Mine is the gloom
    I hope yours is so bright
    *i wrote it for him.well i guess it’s so melancholic..
    ‘He is the next Jeff Buckley.’? we will wait and see.

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