Monthly Archives: August 2012

Buffalo’s real Wilderness

I seem to find it most difficult to write about an album when I like it very much, as if no paragraph could equal the emotions triggered by certain sounds. In a desperate attempt to do it right and make sense, phrases are rewritten, influences are infinitely googled, my music library is assaulted in a […]

Cottage Days

Last week I have written a little about and posted the trailer to the music documentary R.M.H.C., failing to mention that one of the great things about it is the soundtrack, mostly comprising of songs by a broke Italian, a punk with a traveller’s soul, named Gipsy Rufina. His guitar strumming and voice at once […]


Paul Cook and the Chronicles‘ song Candlelight, which I should have listened to earlier than last week but didn’t due to an overload of releases this summer, was released at the beginning of the month with one single aim: to be the perfect pop song. It is soft-spoken, catchy, staggeringly beautiful and reminds me, I […]

La Vie en Rose

I have recently come back for a flash holiday on the Côte d’Azur, to spend a couple of days by the pool, eat a lot of cheese and visit friends. Though some days have passed and I’m slowly getting accustomed again to the proverbial Austrian grumpiness, my mindset is still stuck in a small Medieval […]