Monthly Archives: November 2011

Junior Dad

There’s been talk of a certain recent collaboration which took the shape of an album named Lulu; unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in the last couple of months, you will probably have heard of it. Though I find the name certainly cute and all, I have not come near it – Lou Reed […]

Is it Friday yet?

The week drags on endlessly, every morning is grey and it’s difficult to get up in the morning. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m stuck in a time warp where weekend hours go by twice as fast as “normal” week hours. This said: Monzano have a new video out for their song The Mannequin Wakes. I […]

Newsrooms and Procrastination: my Viennale 2011 Roundup

The Viennale ended last Wednesday, after two weeks of movie madness. There is nothing quite as interesting for me as a movie festival, considering I hardly ever go to the cinema; it becomes almost like an adventure, something special, a wild night out. The very last time I went show-crazy at Vienna’s yearly film festival […]

Sunturns All-Stars

I have a habit of disliking and ignoring “super bands”, just for the sake of it. The truth is that I never really understood why good bands need to team up for side projects, usually ending up causing a big fuss over nothing – “nothing” usually meaning a passable album and then a fall into […]