Monthly Archives: March 2011

We held hands and cried

Some songs will always hold memories, no matter how far away these memories are. And whenever you’ll hear the familiar melody, you’ll whisper along to the lyrics and have flashbacks like faded photographs of something evanescent and beautiful. On another note, this music video makes me smile. And while I stood in the audience two […]

Destroying cities, one chord at a time

Some facts in life – taken for granted because of what we’ve been taught via parental doctrine and school textbooks – are self-explanatory: the Earth is round, water boils at 100°C and freezes at 0°C, 2+2=4 unless you are Thom Yorke showing off that you’ve read George Orwell‘s 1984. In the same vein of undeniable […]

Durand’s Flowers

Approximately two weeks ago, as I was looking through some boxes in my parents’ house on a rainy late afternoon, I stumbled across pictures of my parents when they were young and a couple more of my sister and me, in various poses, awful outfits (what was our mother thinking?) and diverse places; through the […]

Video of the Week #47

I can’t not think of my weekend when watching Francis International Airport’s new video. I went to the zoo a couple of days ago, waving at gorillas and donkeys, playing with monkeys and sticking my tongue out at flamingos. And of course, Saturday night involved a great birthday party in an unusual location…