Monthly Archives: January 2011

Video of the Week #39

Well, Sigúr Rós always have truly beautiful videos. Somehow, even if there is joy to be found in some of them, slight happiness, all I am reminded of is the bitter after taste of nostalgia. Maybe.

More shows, less sleep.

I am half-yawning as I type this, but for tonight we have booked Ryan Francesconi to play at the Subterrarium. We don’t usually do shows on Sundays, so that’s how special it is! The truth is, also, that this will be my first second concert of 2011, and though a little part of me is […]

unless you dream of me

There are albums one likes right away; from the first notes down to the very last chords, they seem a perfect fit, like love at first sight. Others need more time. Like a child, they need to be nurtured, quietly, to be understood. For me this was true of Carissa’s Wierd and it is true […]

Where is our mind?

I saw this boy live some years ago. I went to two shows, two nights in a row, because I liked it so much. A while ago he recorded a version of the Pixies‘ Where is my mind, and with his deep haunting voice managed an interesting new take on this famous 80′s song.