Monthly Archives: October 2010

Video of the Week #25

I still remember what it felt like to stand right upfront as Matt Berninger made his entrance onto the stage; it was easily one of the best concerts of 2010 and would definitely have good chances to make it into the “best concerts of my life” list. Little seemed constructed in their performance, the band […]

happy news on sleepy sundays

What an awkward thing to be sleeping in on weekends and forgetting that there is a world out there full of movie screenings (the Viennale has opened its gates once again), of concerts to be seen (Austin Lucas plays tonight and I can’t wait to see him again, I might actually cry), of celebrations and […]

Mr. Carousel

Noiserv doesn’t need an introduction on this blog; I’ve written about him extensively often enough, praising his ability to make the most wonderful music out of his keyboard and a couple of toy instruments. For the first time since he’s started making music, he has a video out. Like him, it’s dreamy and cute, childish […]

NeW_AiR: Abschlusspräsentation

As you might (or might have not!) gathered from hectic twitter blurbs and random posting of insanity, tonight is our final presentation of the works we have produced as part of New Experimental Ways_Artists in Residence (shortened to New Air because, you know, we’re cool.) A concert will take place at 7pm at the University […]