Monthly Archives: September 2010

Video of the Week #22

This is just painfully beautiful; a nice video (a little romantic maybe) by Ursine Vulpine. Heartbeat.

We Must Come Home Again

I would very much love to hear about Adam Gnade‘s creative process, about the way he writes and thinks and records; or, maybe, see him live. Have him speak little, drink something fancy and dirty and rockstarish like red wine or whisky as he sits crouched on a stool in the middle of a dimly-lit […]

Cupcakes: everywhere, anytime

Though some people are wonderfully excited by all my baking, bread-making skills, I have a dirty little secret: I am physically unable to bake proper muffins. I have tried and tried to make these tiny American wonders, using different recipes, more or less baking powder, different tricks and tips, but failed rather successfully. I am, […]

Talons will destroy you

Often at concerts, I wonder how certain acts came to tour/do gigs together. On badly booked nights, you’ll have an opener that seems to have been picked out of a hat at random – a band that will not appeal, maybe, to the majority of the audience. Talons and This Will Destroy You are two […]