Monthly Archives: July 2010

day 30; my favorite song at this time last year

Well, here we are. August is just around the corner, and today the 30 day song challenge is ending. A little sad, because it was giving me an excuse to blog (almost) every day (also known as: procrastinate). But who knows, maybe I’ll find another song-related blogging challenge to waste my days.. At this time […]

Weekend full of music

That is how I enjoyed my last couple of days of ‘freedom’. I spontaneously drove to Carinthia with little lion girl last weekend, on Friday at noon to attend the Acoustic Lakeside Festival, which had a pretty cool line-up of local and less local bands, including NADA SURF which is one of my favorite favorite […]

day 29; a song from your childhood day

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is all the driving around with my mom. In France, which is where I grew up, schoolkids have the Wednesday afternoons off; this used to be our day. She’d have some time after midday and would pick me and my sister up, we’d jump into the convertible […]

day 28; a song that makes you feel guilty

Hurting people is one thing I really, really dislike doing. I tend to be quite careful with people’s feelings, often more than with my own; but sometimes, it so happens that I hurt someone, or feel like I have. And after weeks, or months, even after we’ve left things behind, and moved on, or moved […]