Monthly Archives: June 2010

When you’ve reached your limit

A couple of months ago, I was in touch with Luke Leighfield to help him for a show in Vienna. Time went by super fast and somehow out of the blue we had a venue (Fledermaus) and a date (June 23rd). Luke had to do a great deal of detour-driving to make it to Austria […]

day 04; a song that makes me sad

There are a million songs that make me sad. I could make a whole, huge list – mostly because the songs themselves are sad, or often because they have a memory attached to them that’s painful. In the case of this song, it’s both. It’s a terribly heartbreaking song, and it was a pretty good […]

Video of the Week #10

Well, here we are. I’ve just got to dedicate today’s Video of the Week to Uno Møller, as his album is coming out next week, and we wouldn’t want any of you to forget, would we? It seems like years ago when we all got into this project together and started drawing up sketches, drafts […]

day 03; a song that makes me happy

My bad; yesterday was so full of a million things – like making pillowcases look prettier and Bob Dylan – that I forgot about this. A little bit. But today is Monday, I have a huge to-do list but first I’ll post this LOVELY song. I was actually going to settle for Rough Gem by […]