Monthly Archives: March 2010

These rocks don’t care if I live or die.

If I wasn’t so GDDMN lazy, I’d probably make it to Dreiraum tonight. If I made it to Dreiraum tonight, I’d probably hear something like this: and then I would think of something nice, like a roadtrip or summer, and then it would be perfect.

Plant Up Your Life.

Ta-daa! Guerrilla Gardening last tuesday wasn’t as much of a success as it could have been if more people would have shown up, but because we’re awesome and all, we managed to make it work. I do love my boys. Here’s some photos, just because.

FollowFriday #1

Since I am slightly a little bit addicted to twitter, and slightly even more definitely addicted to making up hashtags that sound lovely, I’ve decided to turn a popular twitter hashtag (#followfriday) into a more or less regular “column” in the blog. Yes, and I will do so by linking a couple of people/blogs/communities around […]


It’s been a long and successful (and tiring! and loud!) week out here, and only now do I find time to stop a little and write about a wonderful new release over at the full stop to bad pop blog. This time they’ve paired up with Big Scary Monsters to bring us a great cover […]