Monthly Archives: February 2010

A chance to risk it all.

I’ve heard some terrible news today, and I’m not quite sure whether this is the right place to write about it. I’ve managed somewhat well keeping this blog for semi-important music and art and book news and posts, but I feel that which I’m about to share with every reader is important to many and […]

Picture Shows.

I know I said I would be offline for a few days – I lied. The hotel here seems to have internet (the first time it happened in the 18-or-something years I’ve been coming here!) and it’s perfect for the moments I get tired of reading – though I’ve embarked three books in three different […]

It’s snow-time!

yes, even the good and loud and busy and constantly-on-the-run people go on holiday. I am off to a snowy place for ten days of good food, early nights, lots of skiing, and no internet. I felt like I needed to throw in a couple of updates before my trip (though I really should be […]

By This Time Last Year Everything Will Seem Younger

As Sjur Lyseid mentioned in an interview we did with him at the end of last year, Monzano are back with a new album. And a wonderful one at that, with an intricate and ironic title I liked as soon as I first heard it. If you are familiar with Monzano’s earlier works and with […]