Monthly Archives: September 2009

Of Birds and Moons

A real quick entry before I’m out of here to get on with my work (lots of applications due before october 1st, and working full-time the rest of the week, ufff). My best friend dragged me to the Wallis Bird show last night. He is obsessed with her and though I liked her too when […]

Fitzroy Strongman

Sometimes songs evoke much more to us than what they are meant to. There is such depth in the human nature, so many layers, so much to discover in each person. I have a friend who is far far away; trying to explain these thoughts to her, I wrote the following: I keep forgetting that […]

On Art and Collectors..

I met with my super awesome painter and model friend Noémi today, a meeting which was long overdue. In case you wish to know, I used her as a model back in 2003 when I wanted to test my portrait photography skills. She moved to Vienna then and once in a while we go for […]

The Beauty of Buildings and Books

I have unlimited trust in jotting down notes and finding them after weeks, remembering what was so important and doing it – a little bit late, but still. So I’ve been promising myself that whenever I was off work and off guest-duty I would drop by “Die Moderne als Ruine” and fall in love with […]