Monthly Archives: April 2008

underground vs. mainstream

aka how to waste your time, part one. according to this, today I am, based on my overall top artists: 0% underground & 26% mainstream weekly top artists: 0% underground & 14% mainstream recent tracks: 84.2% underground & 1% mainstream overall top tracks: 0 % underground & 21% mainstream

rest in peace, dimitrij..

I am really saddened by this. I have just found that the lovely dimitrijs have just broken up. they were the first screamo band I ever saw live, one of the best austrian local bands, one of the main reasons for my hardxcore musical growth, and so on – not to mention really fun boys […]

girl’s favorite songs of the month (april)

tegan and sara: call it off (girl rock about leaving and being left.) Elliott Smith: between the bars (I have to admit I got into this song again because of Chris Garneau’s cover. It’s beautiful and delicate and so sad..) the teenagers: homecoming (hilarious and totally dance-ey! I’ve rediscovered the power of listening to music […]

dirge vs. heroes for a night

the austrian rock band Dirge, after much dismantling and reassembling, has become Heroes for a Night. The name and member changes bring us a slightly more ‘mainstream’/new-emo sound, kind of nice but nothing extra-special. I’ve not yet seen the ‘new’ band live, but I am hoping to soon. If you’re from Vienna or the surroundings, […]