Monthly Archives: April 2007

A life, A song, A cigarette @Freiraum

Earlier this year, we drove to St. Pölten to see ATD play at Freiraum. A life, A song, A cigarette were opening; I have to admit I was curious to hear them play. This local band is being labeled as “the local Bright Eyes” constantly (which, en passant, I don’t think is a compliment for […]


Someone last night asked me why I like this band so much and I found myself saying that they really aren’t that special,because in a way they aren’t; especially when you can’t understand the lyrics (a debut in ’99, four albums so far, and they are still singing in italian. yes!) but they came around […]

paper bird @rhiz

I’d first planned on going because I miss going to small gigs of local bands. I’d heard some of Paper Bird‘s songs on her Myspace Site and, though I thought of it as nothing that special, I took a seat outside a pretty empty rhiz at 8PM last night. The only thing I would have […]