Monthly Archives: December 2006

(((DIV))) + brain managerz @fluc

the brain managerz played first. Now, I’ve seen them play in various locations and I have to admit fluc – even though it’s a good location in itself – could never have compared to the motorradwerkstatt @WUK or to the amazing setting of a Stone Quarry (where they performed this summer); a lot of people […]


I am just installing those little mood graphics… awwwww, so cute. &also a plugin to show the music I’m listening to. (I’m so nerdy!) ^.^

the thermals :(

I am quite amazed at the fact that it was ALL sold out. we stood in line to get tickets at the door, and they put up a sign that read “ausverkauft” on the door as it was our turn. crazy. they aren’t even that famous..?? so anyway, we watched the show from the screens […]

♥ music ♥

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