Monthly Archives: July 2006

the buzzcocks.

Yes, I am listening to them quite a lot lately. and I always connect them to one of the short stories (Peter Shelley) in Nick Hornby’s selected short stories Speaking with the Angel.

Europe Exhibit @MOYA

So we’re having a group show at the MOYA. The theme of it is “Europe” (I know, not so original); there’s twelve countries participating, each country is being represented by an artist who showcases his/her work – it doesn’t have to actually be representative of its country at all, so most participating artists just put […]

Top Five Songs.

So my top five for today is the following: Bloc Party: This Modern Love (from Silent Alarm) Björk: The Anchor Song (from Debut) Pete Yorn: Life On A Chain (from musicforthemorningafter) Rilo Kiley: Capturing Moods (from The Execution of All Things) Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Turn Into (from Show Your Bones) This Modern Love, especially.. the […]