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Lying To You

In much of his work, Keaton Henson keeps to himself and manages to speak painfully well of a certain type of introversion, the kind that will let no one, not even a loved one, through. For many it may seem like a situation that contradicts itself, because we’ve all been taught that love means letting […]

Double Os: On Magnetic Tape and Gravity

I saw Zilvinas Kempinas‘ work for the first time in Vienna, some 3-odd years ago; since then, he’s done mounds of shows and exhibited work at the Venice Biennale, so to art lovers his work might not be completely unknown. Kempinas is one of the few artists, especially of the contemporary kind, that have, for […]

Valentimes is Serious Times

Sometime last year, I became acquainted with the San Diego folk-punk band Sledding With Tigers. I liked their cynicism, split halfway between anger and earnestness. I liked that they reminded me of a lot of bands I used to listen to ten or more years ago – back when Yellowcard were the only pop punk […]

Where Videogames and Typography meet

Remember how my beloved Team Me had a game set to their song Weathervanes and Chemicals? It was a very basic idea, and now the Japanese band Androp are taking it further by releasing their new single Bell with a videogame that is, at the same time, an interactive postcard. Not only do I love […]