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Winter and Snowflakes

It’s still winter, and it still snows.


Quite evidently, winter is trying hard to put me in sleep mode. I find myself forgetful and unorganised, demotivated and often sleepy. There is little to do other than waiting it out. I’m trying to keep busy to keep some anxiety away. I truly cannot wait until December, just a couple of days before Christmas, […]

the National: vorfreude.

remember how excited I got about Walter Schreifels playing in Vienna a couple of months ago? Yeah, that’s roughly how I feel about seeing the National live tonight (Walter is still my idol though and I still want to marry him, which is not quite true of Matt as he looks a little like a […]

Paper Bird @ Vorstadt

If you never liked (fairy)tales, you’ll be surprised at your change of heart and will want to grab the book of tales nearest to you after sitting for an hour surrounded by Paper Bird‘s music. I find myself most particularly thinking of Hans Christian Andersen‘s stories. How could one not see the connection with the […]