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here’s some things I am really into.
just because.

art, autumn leaves, backpacking, birthday parties, blood, books, british accents, bubble wrap, christmas lights, cigarettes, coffee, death cab for cutie lyrics, dinosaurs, drawing, dumbo, empty rooms, eskimo kisses, going to shows, graphic novels, having arguments, headphones, heartbreaks, highlighters, holding hands, iceland, ink, jeff buckley, kangaroos, letters, lizards, making lists, making stuffed animals, mixtapes, mr. turtle, mugs, my cat, my dining room table, needle the rabbit, norway, organising my cd collection, part-time boyfriends, penguins, pillow fights, pingu, pink cheeks, record stores, russian, sadness,, sick kids, sidestreets, small movie festivals, snow, spanish, stars, taking pictures at shows, the beach in winter, the moomins!, the smell of gasoline, the smell of snow, the sound of waves, things with wings, webcomics, writing, yellow school buses.



Fantoft Studentboliger
Postboks 1167
5075 Bergen


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