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March 26, 2008 by girl

beer for breakfast

(title obviously not a reference to a Replacements song, by the way.)

we had breakfast.

it was good.
also the sun was shining and we were listening to spring music (the shins, the beatles, belle and sebastian, nina simone).

we made gorgeous salad for lunch – hooray!

today I’m going to finish up my skirt, so I can show it off.
the air smells like spring.

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March 1, 2008 by girl

spring cleaning

Our flat is smelling of chlorine and so are my hands – just took advantage of the crazy weather, spent half of the day cleaning the floors, scrubbing the sink, cleaning the toilet, etc; even though now it all seems exactly the same (especially our shitty grey floors), just a little shinier (exception made for afore-mentioned shitty floors) – and the other half sleeping in and listening to music and watching a movie I would not recommend to anyone, so shhh, the title will be kept secret.
Now listening to radiohead and updating art-star a little. go look, come on!

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February 17, 2008 by girl

sit & listen to the rain

I am almost getting inspired to make a list of songs that have the word rain in them, just to pass the time. there is no way I am leaving the house on a sunday like this! I had cinema plans with Ese but I think I will just read and make music mixes and doodle.
I am quite angry that the whole week was sunny and beautiful and I was stuck inside with terpentine fumes and now, the weekend is grey and quiet..

sit around dream away the place i’m from
used to feel so much, now i just feel numb
could go out tonight but i ain’t sure what for
call a friend or two i don’t know anymore

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February 2, 2008 by girl

the sound of settling

February, my beloved month!
Bergen is snowy and in the morning I wake up to this:

last january days were spent on the phone with C, watching the snow from my window and letting the clock tick. february brought sunshine and delicious take-away coffee.

god bless the daylight, the sugary smell of spring-time
remembering when you were mine
in a still suburban town

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November 17, 2007 by girl

party on B736/738

Ana and I got tired of silly people and shitty parties yesterday, so we came back to our flat, had our last beer and our very own popstar-karaoke-dance party. it was so beautifully amazing – especially since we apparently have deaf neighbours (or neighbours who enjoy listening to Paris Hilton and silly girls singing along, tapping brooms on their walls at 4am). Halfway through I had to change into a skirt because it was getting so hot, haha. We also had a disco light in the kitchen (aka Ana’s bike light) and of course, microphones (=brooms) and a cabbage which we used to emphasize our emotions when it wasn’t clear enough through all the facial mimics. When Tobi knocked on our door and came in, we offered him some vodka and yet another representation of Complicated (I think it was the third time that night…)
he managed to run away after a few minutes, strange, no?
at 3:30 am we had the bright idea of calling everyone on their landline to ask them to come over. thank god we didn’t manage to reach anyone, I’m not sure we would have gotten over the embarrassment of showing to the whole of Fantoft our karaoke talents.

our lovely disco-kitchen

It’s now 3pm and I’ve done nothing productive other than getting Ana addicted to SoKo’s song I’ll Kill Her (as I am writing she is listening to it for the _nth time)

That’s all, folks! have a nice weekend!

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