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March 22, 2008 by girl

march 22nd

Happy birthday,


little sister!

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March 17, 2008 by girl

heart throbbing, waltz #2

an email from a friend yesterday reminded me that sometimes between people things just aren’t the same unless you’re both back ‘home’. for the first time since I’m away (july) I’ve had, for a split second, a small heartthrob thinking that I really do miss him and that distance-friendship is hard to keep.
if you read this, please know you’ll be (along with my favorite ice queen) the first person I’ll share an iced mocca with once I’m in Vienna. we can talk about love affairs and complain about the world and hug each other until we choke.

miss you both so much..

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January 1, 2008 by girl

hello 2008!

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December 19, 2007 by girl

say hello and wave goodbye

things that made my day there

this book has the most amazing dedication on the front page, it makes me smile everytime

going for a walk with azzls by the lake

trond got me a present – music!

somebody in bergen knows i like dinosaurs – pandapower! <3

..and things that made my day here

a gorgeous postcard was waiting for me

best friends are forever.

a million books to look forward to<3

my cat is wonderful

someone amazing dedicated this place to me – kind of – thank you boy:)

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December 19, 2007 by girl

it’s the wrong kind of place, it’s the wrong time

last night was amazing.. the day before was too. the woods, the glitter-prone hills, the late night talks and midnight walks. everything these past few days has been magnified, everything feels larger than life, every sparkle sinks deeper into my memory, every conversation, every silly moment has become more beautiful.
all this sadness becomes more and more heartbreaking.


I just got to Vienna. with stars above my head and the city lights reflected under my eyes, I already miss the norwegian lakes, the air that makes your lungs sting, and the mountains of tangerines we ate this week…

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September 26, 2007 by girl

say hello and wave goodbye

these past three weeks have been happily exhausting.
thank you..

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August 28, 2007 by girl

home, where is home?

I was walking back to the hostel today – under a light summer rain – when I started listing in my head a lot of things I miss about France. It’s funny because I don’t miss France all the time, or everyday – I hardly ever think about it – but sometimes I see something that’ll remind me of a certain scene, or moment.. like, pine cones, which really remind me of when we’d walk to the forest from school, just to sit around under trees… so anyway, I’ve been away from home for one month and ten days (only! it feels like so much longer) and I believe it is time for me to make a list…

Things I miss about Vienna:

crossing the river every day
the playgrounds at every block
iced white moccaccino
tap water
doing laundry at 3am when I can’t sleep
cheaper art materials
the austrian postal service
that perfect moment when summer ends and rain is right around the corner
complaining about the subway
the shows
…and people..

that’s all for now. to whoever reads this back home, please remember that even if I don’t mention it, you are most probably missed over here :)

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August 14, 2007 by girl

mail, 01

so I got back this morning from the crazy Elverum-Karlstad-Stockholm trip, and I feel like I have a lot a lot a lot to write, about how good the Pumpkins were and all, but first I am going to get some sleep and post a gorgeous picture of something I got in the mail today…

mixtape, pictures, dinosaurs, stars, hearts and broken records.. thank you [you know how lovely you are].. these kind of things make me really really really really really happy :)

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