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Video of the Week #34

I’ve been listening to Matt Elliott again lately, which I hadn’t in ages. I was quite into his music some years ago, and maybe the fact that I discovered his name in the credits of the new Yann Tiersen album Dust Lane got me to pick up Matt’s record Drinking Songs again. There is something […]

Yann Tiersen: live on Dust Lane

If I was to summarize a whole Yann Tiersen concert into a single sentence, I would choose words by the man himself: “Let’s live in an enormous world of sound we can use randomly, with no rules at all.” Because Mr. Tiersen, with a long musical career behind him, works with sound the way a […]

day 26; a song that I can play on an instrument

Ouch. This is always a topic that hurts; I did learn to play instruments (harpsichord for eight years, piano and drums for a year each) but somehow, the music talent seed wasn’t rooted deep enough and it just didn’t grow at all. Sometime in my last years of high school, I did give up all […]

Comptine d’un autre été – sadsweetness

There is a scene in the movie Amélie that I like a lot – it’s one of my favorite movie scenes ever, I think. It’s that part where she is baking in her lovely, candy-colored kitchen and she imagines him in her flat. She cries over her batter and watches her cat walk through her […]