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We’ve fallen into place.

It was two years ago that I saw Clara Luzia live, on a warm day followed by a night that smelled of summer dampness, on stage a cover of Trouble Over Tokyo‘s No Handed, a friend by my side, and me full of expectations, finding someone in the audience who was absent – sort of […]

Sophia @ WUK

Does anyone remember when Oh My Love came out? I remember it very well, because it was around the time that the Aqualung song Strange and Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell On You) was constantly on the radio. Oh My Love was Sophia‘s great breakthrough into the mainstream. For some reason I’d always thought that […]

Lambchop @ WUK

You know what’s terrible in summer? Tiny spaces filled with people. Just the thought of standing in a crowd when the thermometer goes above 25°C makes me go claustrophobic. The concert last night at WUK was different. Not only were most people in the audience mature enough to be respectful of one’s personal space, the […]

Grand Archives and the Wooden Birds @ WUK

The opener The Wooden Birds (heard about, not listened to much) were laid-back and very cute. This band is one of Andrew Kenny‘s five thousand projects; intimate and percussion-oriented. The fact that the concert was taking place in the WUK Foyer was definitely a plus, it created a nicer atmosphere. I really enjoyed their set […]