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day 18; a song that I wish I heard on the radio

After a blog post like this one, is there anything to add? Hearing my friends’ music on the radio is one of the best things ever. So maybe I’d go for one of Wintermare‘s songs; possibly Halfway to a Star or Untitled, which are some of my favorites.   It’s nice to know that I […]

Video of the Week #11

Today we are releasing Uno Møller‘s debut album Songs from my Beautiful Colourball. If you came to our exhibition MUSIC+HEARTBEATS last year, know me (or us) personally, or got in touch to get a free EP, you might have heard some songs on this album. Last week I posted a digital card from Uno; today […]

The man in the white hat.

It all started on a winter’s day, February 2007. I was stranded – out of my own accord – in a Norwegian hamlet called Kjellmyra for ten days, sleeping on the floor of my friend Eirik (from Wintermare) in their lovely little apartment with a gorgeous view (huge glass window! yeah!) on snowy hills. It […]

Uno Møller Ch: Interview

Uno Moller Ch at my studio, thinking about Animal Collective Some days ago, I asked singer-songwriter and multi-talented experimental musician Uno Møller Ch to answer a few (quite a few, in fact) questions about norway, pet penguins, cover art, and Back to the Future. read on! You’ve just finished distributing the last EPs from your […]