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caught in the winter forever

And it’s already December, and winter, with its constant greyish skies and darkness seeping in through the windows during mid-afternoon when nobody’s looking. Let’s face it – this will not be getting better anytime soon. So, what is more satisfying than drinking hot chocolate while enjoying a winter sampler fresh out of the mini50 records […]

Potato and Leek Soup

Two days ago we experienced a temperature drop of more than 10°C; considering it’s early October, this was bound to happen eventually. And yet, I found myself unprepared, having moved all of my winter clothes to my parents’ house. After making a trip over there to grab scarves, hats, mittens, and woolen sweaters and getting […]

How To: take a nap under a tree in winter.

If there is one thing I slightly dislike about winter, it’s the fact that I can’t read my book in a park under a tree. And since I couldn’t quite wait until Spring to do that again, I decided to go wild in our living room. And since Nature is lovely, but we are also […]


This winter, we got very little snow, which made me a tiny bit sad. The truth is that the most fun part of the winter months is having snow ball fights (not so practical in the city, though). Watching snowflakes while being inside is a lovely thing to do, too; which is why I melted […]