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Video of the Week #55

Three weekends ago was the weekend of the Viennese Open-Air City Festival Popfest: Four days filled with local bands, beer, (early) breakfasts, and sunshine sunshine sunshine. This week’s (stop-motion) video was made by Mister Christian S, whose photography you can admire here.

Tricky Women Festival 2011

How strange that it would have taken me so many years to finally make it to a Tricky Women Festival screening; and that, simply by chance, I happened to go to the one screening (chosen by my friend Anna, an LCC graduate who is back in Vienna at the film school) where one of the […]

Fullframe Festival @ Planetarium

the Fullframe Festival is organised at (ir)regular intervals by a small group of enthusiastic video-lovers. Lately it’s been taking place in an unusual place for a film screening: the planetarium. Alone the location (especially for a star-fanatic like me) makes it worth going to. The challenge in organising a festival there, even if the films […]

Fashion Exhibition

A few days ago I went to the show opening of the graduating class from the Fashion School Hetzendorf. Some of the projects were really quite interesting and had a nice, innovative approach to textiles and new technologies. Here are some photos! I would look ridiculous in that pink and brown hooded top, but it’s […]