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Video of the Week #60

It was over ten years ago when little 12-year-old me discovered Iceland’s electro-pop queen, Björk Gudmundsdóttir. I expressed childish awe and wonderment and walked through life for a whole year listening to little other than Debut when I discovered it, and the fact that she is able to reinvent herself with every album still surprises […]

Video of the Week #59

I really, really used to like Bright Eyes. No, I used to love Bright Eyes. They shaped part of my teenagerhood and were there to relieve most of my heartbreaks; they also played a big part in self-introspection, even though they hardly ever gave me hope. One of the songs that did, though, is Bowl […]

Video of the Week #56

It’s that time of the week again! And after a wild and sleepy weekend involving a spontaneous roadtrip to the middle of nowhere to see some bands, I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing Boy Omega live once again tonight. Apart from the fact that he has a lovely voice, he also makes my heart very […]

Video of the Week #52

It’s already been a year since I started running the weekly video ‘feature’; I was going to celebrate by posting a special video and then realised there are way too many, from the gorgeous shots of lovely filmmakers to songs that mean a lot to me. So instead, here’s the official video to Comet, taken […]