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I was not magnificent

I don’t know where my fascination with Iceland came from. Maybe I could blame it on Bj√∂rk, on how, early on, I desperately wanted to see the country she grew up in; however that wasn’t all. Later, there was something that attracted me to glaciers, to beautiful still water and long, light summer nights. I […]

Video of the Week #63

Set in a world where robots and humans coexist, I’m Here is one of Spike Jonze‘s most beautiful and touching films. In it, he was able to portray very true and real feelings on screen, without falling into corniness – maybe because the characters are robots and so, though one identifies, the love story doesn’t […]

Video of the Week #62

When I first saw this video, it blew my mind. Maybe because that song by Three Trapped Tigers is very good, maybe because the technique is something I’d never be able to achieve, or maybe because I just like reindeers, robots, and well-shaped hearts. Maybe.

Video of the Week #61

Back in the day when I was all metal and stuff, I used to listen to Medeia. Okay, no, this is a lie. I was never metal and Medeia would have probably passed under my radar if it wasn’t for my friend Laura playing in it. Today I am off to Finland for my poetry […]