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How little of me remains

Since the Nowhere Train album came out at the beginning of Winter, I have found myself in awe of Ian Fisher‘s voice. In a record that has various folk, country and americana influences, his song Are You There stands out as something soft and maybe more emotionally charged. In that very same heartfelt way, his […]

A karaoke-party with Tegan and Sara

I don’t care what anyone says: karaoke is simply awesome. Whether among friends at a birthday party in the basement of a club desperately flirting with the DJ to get that one Backstreet Boys track played or singing along with strangers in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Finland. And if you’re […]

Trick or Treat: Halloween vinyl giveaway

A couple of months ago, I wrote a love-gushing, fangirl-like review on Cemeteries‘ beautiful album The Wilderness, which unsuspectingly became one of my very favorite releases of the year because of its eerie atmosphere, heavy with musical influences between shoegaze and 80′s new wave. Prior to yesterday’s album release on Sacramento-based Lefse Records, the following […]

Sharing is Caring: Diver’s London

I’ve already introduced the wonderful, troubadour-like local band Diver with a review of Kites at the beginning of the year; months have passed and the English capital has been crowded by Olympics fans coming from all over the world. These Austrian boys, however, stayed put and sang about London from afar in a town called […]