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On improvisation and tic-tac boxes

The last time I sat at a piano was a rather long time ago – at least a couple of months. Though growing up with a musically inclined father, my harpsichord lessons every Wednesday afternoon at the conservatory were my personal nightmare for years since I was five, until I moved to Vienna and gave […]

saturday fail.

today was awkward and heavy. I would have liked to hide under something, preferably a table, and wait for it to pass, and maybe disappear. then there was the unbearable heat. and at some point, a thunderstorm, which was too short, but definitely the least worse thing of today, along with a pretty bus ride […]

for now I want to be this way.

Gosh, days so filled of love and music and sadness and rain and laughter, everything is coming together at once like a big explosion and I have no time to think straight. Hence this song, because it is lovely, and because I want some Brooklyn soon, very soon, because it reminds me of someone nice […]