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Gary @ Transporter

So the other day, the guys over at Siluh Records asked me to take a couple of photos at their monthly label night “Club Weird Kong” in Transporter. The band which played that night was Gary from Germany, an indie pop-rock outfit who played some songs from their new album, set for release in June […]

how to keep the ghost alive

Time tends to go by faster than we really want it to. My last Paper Bird concert was over two years ago, I realised when I bumped into her at Transporter. She mentioned a new record coming out, and a gig at the Konzerthaus. I nodded excitedly and said I’d be there. More time went […]

Of Birds and Moons

A real quick entry before I’m out of here to get on with my work (lots of applications due before october 1st, and working full-time the rest of the week, ufff). My best friend dragged me to the Wallis Bird show last night. He is obsessed with her and though I liked her too when […]

weekend sounds and hello cologne!

You know when you listen to the radio in the morning, half asleep, and there’s always some person who calls the station and wins something, and you think, “Gosh that’s never going to happen to me..?” Yeah, that’s me. My friend A, on the other hand, is always winning stuff. But the last two times […]