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Rain, Drizzle, and Hurricane

I’ve got a terrible habit, which is that I get interested by pretty much anything and always try to do fifteen things at once. This sometimes lead to forgetfulness, post-it madness, and lists of bands I should check out but never do. One of those, highly recommended by little lion girl at least a million […]

Video of the Week #20

The lovely Toph Taylor is releasing under his moniker Trouble Over Tokyo his album in a month; he will be playing a special show (with strings!) at the Radiokulturhaus this sunday, and the only way to get tickets is by winning them (here). I had some time on my hands today (or rather, I felt […]

Goodbye August!

(a little roundup of what I should have blogged about, but didn’t) 1; making plansAngus & Julia Stone are coming to Europe in November. The closest they will be to Vienna is Munich, and I’m very set on going. There just isn’t any other alternative. 2; new and old releasesMy mailbox, heart and ears were […]

On Passports&Souvenirs: Interview with Across the Delta

It’s shortly past eight pm and I push open the glass doors of a semi-empty B72, one of my favorite Viennese venues. I’m greeted by Hannes Tschürtz, founder of Ink Music and also the man partly responsible for Across the Delta‘s success. Vienna is a small, small capital city and everyone knows everyone, so there’s […]